What Should Parents Expect From A Nursery?

When you are choosing a nursery for your child, you are going to have some very specific expectations.

These expectations need to be met when you are inspecting the nursery online or in person.

What should parents expect from a nursery?

Highly-Trained Staff

When your children are using childcare facilities in Nottingham, you need your children to be well-taken care ofby some highly-trained staff. The staff members should be able to deal with any eventuality and make sure that the child is properly stimulated with the correct activities.

You can ask for information about how the staff members are trained when you are looking at a range of different nurseries for your child.

A Large Play Area

Your child’s development is going to be stimulated by playing. The nursery should have a large play area which gives the children enough room to play safely when they are outside. There should also be suitable play areas inside the building.

These play areas should be clean and safe for your children.

Lots Of Activities

A wide range of activities is going to keep your child stimulated and will stop them from getting bored at all. The activities can be based inside as well as outside. For example, the children may take part in finger-painting for part of the day and they may then take part in story time in another part of the day.

A Robust Safety Code

The safety of your child is paramount when they happen to be attending nursery. Hazardous objects should be kept out of the child’s reach and all of the staff should have first-aid training and there should be fire safety codes in place.

Nap Times

Sleep is important to your child’s development, so you should check that the nursery will give your child a lot of opportunities to sleep properly. This is going to give the child a large amount of energy when they are playing or doing different activities.


You will want food to be available to your children when they are at nursery. Your child’s health is important, so they should receive healthy fruits and vegetables rather than food that is high in sugar and salt.

Close Circuit Television Cameras

The nursery should be equipped with closed circuit television cameras which are going to monitor your child when they are inside and outside the building. The cameras will be manned by staff at all times so that they are going to be able to respond to any incidents.

Clean Toilets

You want the nursery to have clean toilets so that your child is going to remain hygienic when they are doing their ablutions.


There are many expectations that you have when you are choosing a nursery for your children. You want the staff to be highlighted trained and you will want the facilities to be safe and suitable. Also, you will want the building to be monitored by closed circuit television cameras.

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