The best tables and chairs for toddlers – Narrowing down your options

If you give your kids the best pair of chair and table set, you won’t know how much fun they can have. Not only can they have their snack time on their table, they can color, complete their craft works and there are several other play tables which can also be utilized for arranging blocks. When you gift him the right table and chair, he will start learning to enjoy his own space, he will learn to enjoy independence and stay alone.

Majority of the kids tables and chairs are created for kids in between 3 and 6 years of age and hence they have got a very short shelf life. If you like to spend more, ensure it’s because of the quality and fun rather than the style. You have to make sure your kids make the most out of the table and chair before you pass it on to someone else. Here are the best tables and chairs for kids.

  • Children’s table from Combelle and 2 chairs

When the furniture meant for kids are created by adding a disposable attitude, it is good enough for the parents as they can make the best use of their dollars. The Combelle children’s table and chair come with a warrantee of 10 years due to the fact that it is made up of sustainable beechwood. It is a best-fit for one kid and doesn’t suit too many kids together. It is also priced perfectly according to the quality.

  • Bright and bold furniture set from Little Tikes

This table and chair is made by abiding by the strict safety standards. This is a rather tough se to handle when the kids are playing. This is both functional and fun as kid’s furniture and you can use them to their best capability. The top of the table is seamless and it is best for eating dinner, playing or making crafts or doing any other sorts of activities. The Bright n Bold furniture set doesn’t come with added accessories and it has got a weight limit of 70 pounds per chair.

  • George Home table and 2 chairs

This is a budget table from Asda which comes with 2 chairs and which has got a basic design. You can paint white but if needed you can personalize it with colored paints, stencils and stickers. This home table is packed and it can be assembled easily. You won’t find any other bell to this set but in case you require a better option, you should get something that doesn’t outgrow your kid within few years.

  • Tot Tutors Plastic table and chair set for kids

This is perfect for the living room or the patio, this is a great place for the toddlers to play games, do crafts and eat lunch. This set can be assembled and it has got several components which can be snapped together. It is a sturdy one both for boys and girls who are at least of 3 years of age.

Therefore, when you’re thinking of gifting your children with the best pair of table and chair for their birthday, make a choice from any of the above mentioned list.