Quick Review of Three-Best Graphing Calculators for Students!

Most high-school students know that they would require a graphing calculator at some point. These are almost must-haves for calculus, pre-calculus and graph-related work. While graphing calculators are often essential and do much more than a regular scientific calculator, these can be hard to use, with a bunch of confusing and similar-looking buttons. If you intend to buy one, keep in mind that only a few have been permitted for exams like SAT, ACT, PSAT, IB, and AP.

Below, we have listed graphing calc reviews for the best three ones we found.

  1. Texas Instruments T1-84 Plus CE Graphing Calculator

If you are looking for light and powerful option, this one with a 2.8-inch LCD screen is the best. The backlit color screen is one of the best things about this calculator, and it’s preloaded with many images and apps. The software on this one supports PCs and Mac computers and it also has a rechargeable battery. MathPrint functionally is a relevant highlight, while the calculator is also comparatively thinner than T1-84-line models.

On the flip side, this can be confusing to use for some students.

  1. Casio FX-CG 10 PRIZM Color Graphing Calculator

When it comes to affordability and easy-to-use factors, Casio FX-CG 10 is a great buy by all means. It features built-in spreadsheet application, preloaded geometry application and Conics application. Casio FX-CG 10 also offers USB connectivity and has a battery life of about 140 hours. You get four AAA batteries with the package. The high-speed CPU on this one is much faster, and the storage is pretty decent. You can use this one for numbers and graph plotting simultaneously.

On the flip side, Casio FX-CG 10 is not permitted for all exams.

  1. Texas Instruments TI-89 Titanium Programmable Graphing Calculator

TI-89 is one of the best graphing calculators from Texas Instruments. With 16 preloaded apps, this one has built-in USB support with a cable and is considered to be one of the ideal ones for college-goers. It also has features like history screen, deep recall and provides up-to 99 graphing equations. Sadly, this one doesn’t have a color display and is not recommended for business use.

Check online to find detailed reviews of the above three options. Graphing calculators can be confusing at first, but start early in high school, and you can easily manage scoring better. All the three listed ones above have received rave reviews from students and teachers alike, and if you buy online, you may get a discount.

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